All the things I want to write about

I thought if I write a list of all the things I want to write about and then publish the post, I’ll have to stop watching Line of Duty and get out the laptop and start typing.

So since thinking about creating a blog, and researching why I should bother, headlines ping up in my mind about things I’d like to discuss with you, or myself, memories I’d like to share, and plans that are afoot.

So here goes:

  1. The first week of May – things seem to happen during it… BIG TICK!
  2. Becoming the Friends of our School Secretary…I should be typing minutes instead of this….and the development of what we’re trying to do in our lovely village primary school – who’s watching Big Little Lies?
  3. Awaiting the ducklings….
  4. Our animals – our past animals and our future ones….
  5. Raising little girls….

    Harvest at OV

    Harvest time at Orchard View

  6. Living by the sea….
  7. What to do with all our sheep’s wool as I can’t knit…..
  8. How to shape a job role to fit around school assemblies & painting the playground benches….
  9. Having a go at planting edible flowers and a wild flower meadow….
  10. Bees….
  11. Experimental cooking….
  12. The General Election – WTF is going to happen?

That’ll do for now I think. Best get on with those minutes.

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