The first week of May

The first week of May is quite a seminal week it seems.

This time last year we said a sad goodbye to our lovely boy Reuben. He was actually a little bit of a star in the dog world. He accompanied Monty on his adventures to Scotland, the Outer Hebrides and the West coast of Ireland to film three series for the BBC.

I’d walk him around town, 4 years since he appeared on BBC2 and people would stop me and ask ‘is that Reubs?’ and ‘isn’t he a handsome boy?’. It always amazed me that fans of the show, and more importantly of Reubs, could recognise a large, black bear of a dog plodding down the high street. He was obviously a very charismatic hound. Plus he had more friends on Facebook than me.13179290_10154075600615539_1817565720537284945_n

He was also a constant companion of mine, especially whilst his dad worked away so regularly. He’d guard the house and keep our family safe. He was much loved, and he is still sorely missed.

This poem by Mary Oliver describes our lovely boy so perfectly:

For there was nothing sweeter than his peace when at rest,

For there was nothing brisker than his life when in motion,

For he was the tribe of Wolf

And, during the first week of May seven years ago, I handed in my notice and cartwheeled out of the BBC to join Monty in Connemara. It was an easy decision to make and one that I’ve never regretted. To follow one’s heart over one’s head takes courage and a faith. And, most importantly love. From that decision followed diving adventures to the GBR and Oman, living in a fishing village in Cornwall, having two beautiful daughters, settling in Devon and setting up two businesses. Oh and we got married too. Plus all the other bits in between.

One incredible beginning and one heartbreaking end. Both during the first week of May.


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