Silent stress & how ducklings can make it a little better 

We are the proud parents of 6 white, fluffy Muscovy ducklings. It seemed to take an age for these little lovelies to arrive. We are trying to give them the very best of starts by keeping them, with their mother, safely tucked away from predators until they’re a little older.

Last year a wild duck produced 14 ducklings on our pond. Within 13 weeks there was only one left. Magpies, buzzards, foxes and stoats gradually picked them off one by one. Depleting such a beautiful plethora of new life. We are quite determined not to let this happen again.

The stress these new parents must feel, pretty much at all times, must be overwhelming but it’s a natural state to be in when you’re caring for and protecting your brood.

As a parent to two happy little girls, I at times, experience a similar type of pressure. I think we all do. One that is there constantly and silently; determining every decision you make from sunrise to sunset. It’s our job to keep them safe, provide unconditional love and support. And sometimes we all need a little break from it and a little help.

So to alleviate this silent stress, just a little, from our proud parent – we will help nurture and guard our six white, fluffy ducklings and hope that by doing so we give them the very best start in life. Good luck little ones. Photos to follow…

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