Social media mums

I’m currently in Bristol working, helping manage the day to day running of the office and our communications & online presence. It is so necessary, nowadays, for all small businesses to have a voice on the internet. In a very crowded market we are trying to up our likes, increase our click throughs, tweet our Instagram images and generally ‘go viral’. It’s a constant job.

However, it is a brilliant job for mum’s and dad’s alike who need flexibility. Becoming a digital marketer or social media manager can be hugely rewarding, connect you to like-minded communities and within it you can shape your working life around your family commitments (instead of the other way around).

I recently happened across this amazing group of women who are helping mums (specifically) gain new skills to access ‘work that works’ for them Digital Mums are worth checking out if you’re interested.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 15.50.46

Inevitably I had to make a choice about returning to work once my girls were older, inevitably it was a really difficult decision. But it was very much the right one for us. Returning part time meant we were financially happy, the girls gained independence and developed gorgeous relationships with their peers. Plus I had an opportunity to really start to think about me and how I’d like to shape my career in the future.

So keep clicking, liking, posting, and commenting…but not all the time. Stepping away from the virtual one and out into the real one is something I’d highly recommend……..

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