Finding motivation and brain engagement…

We, as a family, are hopefully travelling to a wild and fascinating place this summer. The location of which I can’t readily reveal but suffice to say it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to prepare as much as I can for this adventure. And, with this preparation comes the chance to engage my brain again. I’ve decided to learn basic Spanish. I’ve settled on an app, which should guide me through the basics, develop my vocabulary and improve my accent. I’ve completed the first online session and tested myself this morning to see whether I’ve actually digested and stored the information I’ve been taught. And, it’s still there! I’m delighted to say I can remember the phrases, the masculine and feminine nouns & the intonation of ‘j’s’ and ‘ll’s’. In a few months I’ll almost be fluent….

And, so came the motivation to move. After sitting for so long, focused on a screen, I knew I had to fit in a short jog to compensate for the sedentary morning I had just had. But it was raining again…finding motivation to move is hard. It’s especially so if your three year old has insisted in sleeping in your bed for the past four nights in a row, an insistence that strikes at three am. But I never regret putting on my trainers and pacing around the countryside we’re so lucky to call home. The endorphins flow, your energy (which was clearly lacking) comes to you in bounds and you feel alive – even if you’re soaked the skin and splattered with mud.

It’s something I need to reinforce in my own mind – remember you never regret moving come rain or shine – So Do It. Or in Spanish – Asi Que Hazlo!


Running in the rain

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