Tucking the little ones in for the night…

Owning a modest, small-holding comes many responsibilities. The main objective is to nurture and develop the land we have and care for the animals we have living on it. We’re trying to make it a prosperous place and a centre of curiosity for Isla and Molly & along the way use the hen eggs, the Ditsum plums, and the wild water mint which grows beside our pond.

But, it’s really hard work. And, it’s very time consuming and it’s only now, that the girls are a little older that we can work in the paddock & allotment without Molly tumbling down the steep banks and landing in the pile of metre hire nettles which grow in earnest everywhere we look. We have grand plans but for now, we’re only just starting to get to grips with what’s required to manage this little piece of land.


Duckling possibly Cupcake, Love heart or Blueberry Muffin

For now, especially whilst Monty is overseas, all I can realistically do is keep everything alive. So, this evening I’ve tucked up the 10 remaining ducklings safely in our duck house. Fed the little black Ouessant sheep, given our wether pygmy goat Harris a scratch behind the ears and collected the last of the eggs laid by our ex-battery hens. We have so many good intentions but sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day to achieve them all. Plus, with small children I simply don’t have enough hands I need to control what could develop into a chaotic mess. So, I’m good with that, our time will come and for now that’s okay – keeping everything safe is enough.

The sun is slowly setting here, so good night little ones, sleep tight and see you again in the morning.

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