Our fearless fledglings…

It was with pride and trepidation that we released our ten Muscovy ducklings out into the big, wide world yesterday. We’ve housed them safely for two weeks and now it’s their time to stretch their little wings, to forage in the swampy grass and to take their first dip in the pond.

Our mother duck, Betty, keeps a very watchful eye over her brood but has become less anxious around us and seems comfortable in our presence. If only I could explain to her that we’re trying to protect her babies and help them on their way. But she is firmly in charge from now on.

Ducklings on their way

The girls release the ducklings

It is now up to her to shelter, nurture and care for her ducklings. We must now let nature take its course. I’m resolute (but with a heavy heart) that not all of these little creatures will survive and the girls understand and except the circle of life. It’s amazing that at such a young age, the girls can comprehend that we won’t see all of them live to maturity. It’s a very real way for Isla and Molly to start to understand that things, people and animals will all one day die.

When our young people die however, under such extreme and terrifying circumstances, I’m not sure we can ever really comes to terms with such a waste of life. Our thoughts are very much with the families of those who have tragically lost their loved ones in Manchester. These types of atrocities put all our worries and concerns into perspective, I can’t imagine how the parents of the children and teenagers who are now gone must feel. Every day, without fail as parents we do everything in our power to protect and defend our children. We always will. I hope one day their hearts will heal.

We will stand together and fight hate with love.


By clicking on this link you can donate to the Manchester bombing emergency fund – thank you.

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