Bristol – Geneva – Chamonix … hopefully

I’m sitting in Bristol airport waiting for my flight to Geneva in order to join the wedding celebrations of one of my oldest & dearest friends. But EasyJet has different plans and has delayed my flight by 5 long hours. 

I have a few options to play with. 

1. Sleep – catch up on the zzzzz’s I’ve missed over the past couple of weeks due to my littlest waking most nights. And my 4.30 am start this morning. Yawn. 

2. Drink – lots of passengers are already on the raz and it’s 7.30am. But I’m not sure I can handle a GnT so early in the day. 

3. Watch endless episodes of Offspring or flick mindlessly through my social media feeds whilst occasionally checking my BBC News app to convince myself I’m still in touch with the news of the day. 

4. Go to the Lancôme stand and have my face painted by a lovely lady who offered to do me a make over as I walked by earlier. She clearly saw my need for a massive amount of make up to disguise my ash grey circles and pasty complexion.

5. Do all of the above – get pissed, insist on a smokey eye, contouring session whilst posting endless selfies of me on Instagram and then pass out, miss my flight and end up spending another long day at Bristol airport….

Or shall I write a little blog about how frustrating it can be to wait and wait, to miss my bus connection up into the fantastic French Alps and to totally fail to be there for my best friend’s official marriage at the Marie. 

So thanks EasyJet for my £3 compensation you’ve so generously offered me but quite frankly it doesn’t even start to compensate for how your incompetence has impacted on what should have been a joyous day. 

But hey, I’ll get to the Mont Blanc Massif eventually and I’ll celebrate with a hugely special group of friends a beautiful union of two beautiful people. So when these frustrating and irritating (but unforeseeable and random) delays occur we must all try to remain pragmatic and calm… And to use our spare few hours wisely…now where’s my GnT? 

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