MCS’s Plastic Challenge

The Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge begins tomorrow. They want you and me to try and live without single use plastics for up to one month. This isn’t a simple challenge, it’s a mammoth battle – one of which I fear we are losing at a frightening rate. 

If you’re not sure about the devastating impact of plastics on our oceans and marine life please, please watch A Plastic Ocean:

Perhaps this will be the encouragement you need to take the challenge on and to try, in some capacity, to reduce the amount of plastics we send to landfill every second of every day. 

I’m going to start the challenge today – I’ve signed up here:

I’m using the opportunity of it being half term, and so I have a little more time, to go to our local food stores instead of Sainsbury’s. I’ll have a little more time to visit our farm shops that don’t wrap every piece of fruit and veg in single use plastic wrappings. And who sell refillable soap and washing detergent bottles. Their delicious breads aren’t wrapped in cellophane but paper. 

I’ll have a chance to look closely to what I can realistically do to stop using plastics. It won’t be easy but it’s absolutely necessary. 

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