No tele day…

It’s 08.45am and a record has been set. I’m not sure how proud I should be feeling about this, as it says quite a bit about how our mornings generally begin, but we have not put the TV on yet. 

I’ve checked my weather app (I’ve one optimistic and one that’s pessimistic so go for the average) and today is the last day for a whole week of sun and settled early summer weather. 

So the TV is staying resolutely off. We’ve already had the peacock Queen and Princess performing a song and dance routine. The saucepans, cake tins and bowls have been utilised as a uncomfortably loud drum kit. I’m constantly man managing and mediating between the girls as to how many turns each may have on the single hula hoop we own. 

It’s exhausting…I’m sitting in the garden trying to type this on my phone. However the girls are now arguing over the swing…one is slightly higher than the other and that one is obviously the better. But, after a few minutes peace resumes. I can hear the morning bird song, the babbling of a little stream which runs besides our garden. I can even hear our neighbour’s peacock call echoing down the valley. The squeaking of the swing set provides a constant rhythm…there’s no Paw Patrol theme tune and no guilt. 

As always our children need to discover their own ways and methods to entertain themselves. I may not get the cleanest kitchen I’d like but I’ve engaged more with my little ones. School will soon begin again and these times will become few and far between. So the television can stay off today…at least until it’s time to make tea. 

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