Consolidating and looking back & to the future…

It’s a big day for the UK, it’s voting day and whilst I’d like to say that we aren’t a hugely divided political household, we’ve had some robust conversations about which party symbolises what we truly & realistically need in the future. I’m not going to comment online about who I’m voting for, it’s a personal choice – but I urge you all to use your right to vote. It’s a wonderful privilege, which we share with some of the world, but certainly not all of it, especially as women. So use it wisely. I wait with anticipation for the outcome…and I’ll be taking both my children with me to vote after school, so they can begin to fathom the way our political systems operate in the UK. And to witness that every single vote can and does matter.

Today has made me stop in my tracks. It’s the 8 June, we’ve already lived through half of 2017. I’m trying to use today to look back on how we’ve spent the previous 6 months. Fortunately my Freeprints arrived today, I try and print out photos rather than store them all on my laptop, and from the pile of pictures before me I can see we’ve managed to squeeze in quite a bit. We’ve had some highs, and a few lows. The country too has been through so much, especially within the last few months. Be it good or bad this is life.


Happy times

And, when I look at the photos I’ve chosen to print out they’re all of us as a family, spending time with friends and family, travelling and taking part in friend’s weddings, raising our ducklings, developing our home and exploring more places where we live and a little further a field. It’s what I imagine life should be, I know I’ve not taken photos of me hoovering the living room or cleaning out the muck from the goats house but it appears that we’re leading happy lives and that’s what matters. I feel very grateful, and very lucky. I hope that the next 6 months brings happiness and contentedness to us all…and perhaps, a new Government…!

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