My pop up to Bristol & our local pop ups…

I’m in sunny Bristol today, we have an office here, and although it’s a trek from Dartmouth I really enjoy driving up and being with our lovely team (especially when Suze brings us crumble chocolate cakes from Lanzarote). However, this enjoyment is fleeting as our brilliant ‘nanny’ Hannah will be leaving us at the end of July.

She has been a god send, really, and I’m not sure what I will do without her. For one day a week she’d get the kids ready for school, take them in and collect them. She then feeds and entertains them until I returned for bedtime. It was only one day a week, but that day was my day. Now, it looks uncertain about what I’ll be able to juggle – realistically.

It’s a very common dilemma many parents face, mums and dads alike. Without local grandparents for additional childcare, or extremely early breakfast clubs and even later after school clubs the return to work can be so hard. I’d hope to find a childminder or nanny locally who can take on Hannah’s role but it’ll be tricky.


Me about to eat a chocolate crumble cake/at work…

However, last week I met some inspiring and talented ladies, who with young families, have established their own businesses, thus giving them flexibility to be a very present figure throughout their children’s lives. These women produce stunning silver jewellery, unique ceramics, beautiful watercolours, bespoke cushions & leather bags and source homewares from Africa – to mention just a few. Unfortunately I’m not so talented and can’t set myself up in this way due to my lack of creative skills or aptitude for building such imaginative businesses.

I imagine that the majority of us have local pop-up shops and stores so I urge you to seek them out – our current pop-up shop is taking place at Stokeley

I aim to visit on Thursday – to support small local businesses, especially working mums but also to be inspired, perhaps I need to relinquish my fears about starting something on my own and consider something new. My days in Bristol maybe numbered but perhaps something good will come of it.

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