If we all give one hour a week…

We could make a substantial difference to our schools. I’ve heard recently that our local primary school, which Isla and Molly attend, have had to drastically cut their budget for 2017/2018 by tens of thousands of pounds. This means losing additional support staff, our forest school teacher, and so much more. Our Government is not supporting our schools sufficiently – this is obvious, but do we as parents do enough?

In some cases, if parents have full time jobs, of course it is difficult to commit time to our schools. But those that have a little bit more flexibility could do so much to help enrich the environment our little one’s spend the majority of their time within. Be it painting the grey walls in the playground to running summer fetes.


Me supervising whilst drinking tea – I promise I did paint and not just drink tea..

When Isla began school last September I volunteered to join the Friends group, a small selection of Mums and Dads who organise fundraising events in aid of the school. I agreed to organise one event per year – feeling like I’m contributing to the collective effort but still retaining time for my work. Last month I became the Friend’s secretary and my friend, who I initially roped into organising our ‘one’ event a year, became the new Chair. We are now in the throws of organising a mini festival after our sports day taking place this Friday (please let the sun shine!).

I didn’t expect to get so involved with this little group of proactive and energetic parents, but I’m incredibly pleased I did – especially now. When our schools are at breaking point, we can not stand by and not step in. Friends groups, PTA’s and other fundraising committees need your help urgently. So don’t be shy, please put your hand up to join in. One hour a week could make a massive and lasting difference – I would thank you and think you rock, but your children would thank you even more. Not it’s over to you!

One thought on “If we all give one hour a week…

  1. Hi Laura. You have done an amazing job with Stoke Fleming Primary outdoor environment. As a former teacher there for 16 years I love to see what is going on there and the beach theme looks amazing. I made the boats that label all the classrooms. I hope they are standing the test….particularly the outdoor ones. In fact I now make and sell these boats from my Brixham home and a local gift shop. They have evolved more since doing the ones for school.


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