Is there a good time to get a dog…

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for some time now. Since losing Reuben (our beloved German Shepherd cross) a year ago, we have been a dogless family. It’s been a little breather for us, especially me, whilst Monty travels and works away from home so regularly. To not constantly worry about the dog – whether it’s walked sufficiently or sat alone at home whilst I’m at playgroup has been a lovely respite.

However, we both feel the time has come to find a new dog (or dogs) to join us at Orchard View. Reubs was a rescue dog from Holly Hedge Rescue Centre in Bristol. He was huge, hairy, excitable but a gentle bear of a dog especially around little one’s. He was also incredibly handsome and strong – we all ran many miles together over the years.

We’d like to take on a rescue dog if possible, we all know that there are thousands of dogs in need of homes all throughout the country. But with small children, a cat, hens, ducks, sheep and the fact that we’re surrounded by farms with cattle and horses in most fields – this new dog has to be the right one. And you can never underestimate the time, energy and love a dog needs from you. It is like having another child to consider all the time so some serious thought has to be put in to owning a dog for sure.


Reubs & Isla

So we are supporting Holly Hedge this weekend, at their grand opening of a new kennel block, lovingly dedicated to Reuben. Here we can talk to the volunteers and staff about finding a suitable new member of the Halls household – once we’re back from our sojourns this summer. If you’re local to Bristol – please come and join the fun in Long Ashton – the Holly Hedge event is open to all –

Dogs are and always have been devoted companions of man and woman alike. The house was so deathly quiet without Reubs in it – it’s time to fill our home with barks and yelps, hair and muddy footprints. I’m sure Reubs would approve of our decision – but I can promise you, my lovely boy, you will never be forgotten.

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