We rescued 10 ex-intensive farmed hens well over a year ago. A plea was broadcast on a local south west radio station and I knew we had the space to home some of the 200 which were looking to be rehomed. 

A wonderful friend collected them from Cornwall and agreed to drive them across the Tamar bridge and down to the South Hams. When they arrived they were terrified and featherless. They had no experience of perching – so roosted on the floor – some made it to the nesting boxes but with no wing feathers some couldn’t. They certainly weren’t used to daylight and stayed in the hen house for 14 days before venturing outside. 

After a number of weeks their skeletal wings began to feather up. Subtle ginger tips sprouted through the meaty skin on their backs. And the more they became accustomed to their new home the more they flourished. It didn’t take long for the egg production line to speed up – at one point we were receiving 14 eggs or more a day. Suffice to say all our friends and neighbours didn’t have to shop for eggs for many months. 

Sadly, on occasion, one or two became poorly and passed away. The rest remained resolutely healthy – friendly and fantastic layers. Molly and Isla handled them regularly and our once fearful birds became household pets. 

I was spurred to write this all down because of an immediate call of help from the British Hens Welfare Trust – they need to urgently rehome hens in Rotherham this weekend. If you have space – hens don’t need a huge amount – these lovely birds are simple to look after and produce beautiful eggs. 

http://www.bhwt.org.uk/ Please take a look at this link to see other appeals all throughout the country. Each has a personality and you won’t be able not to fall in love with them – promise. 

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