Mermaid in training…

As a scuba diver I’ve always toyed with the idea of learning how to free dive. The peacefulness and weightlessness achieved whilst diving is one of the many reasons I took up the sport. Whilst descending slowly into the blue I feel a complete sense of calm. It’s almost meditative – I do feel totally at peace. Free diving appealed – especially as you rid yourself of the bulk and weight of tanks and regulators.  It would be just me and the water…and my breath.

I arrived at Vobster quay nearly two weeks ago now. It was the day of the huge storm that shrouded the South West. I had previously met my hugely experienced free diving teacher Emma at one of the UK’s Dive Shows – she was very impressive, full of energy and passion for her sport. I felt like I was in very capable hands. This two day course was also a chance for me to relearn some of the diving theories I had learned many years ago whilst doing my dive master course. I needed a total refresh of the physics and physiology theories behind both scuba and free diving. It was good to switch on my brain again!


Free diving training – harder (and colder) than it looks!

After the first day I realised that I had underestimated how difficult free diving can be – especially when you’re suffering from a cold, albeit it a mild one. I’ve witnessed free divers descend and ascend on one breath effortlessly. But for me, I could just make around 3 metres before rising up due to blocked ears or my diaphragm contracting to a degree which I found really uncomfortable.

To complete the course, and become an accredited free diver, would take me longer than two days. Not only did my ears cause me a lot of issues but I need to spend a lot of time practising my breath hold. Our bodies natural reaction to the CO2 build up whilst we hold our breath is something that you need to learn to manage, to over come and to embrace. It was a shame not to fully complete the course but I will return to finish it in the New Year. I’ve still acquired new skills and knowledge, I managed to get away to do the course in the first place which is always a logistical challenge and I met some lovely like-minded divers too.

I won’t be starting up my professional mermaid business just yet then…maybe next year.


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