Finding time to do anything…

during the summer holidays is tricky. I definitely underestimated the amount of time I’d have to able to catch up on work, clean the animals, sort the house or write a blog. From two blogs a week, I’m now managing one every two weeks…

So to all parents out there who are constantly juggling work and childcare you have my sympathies and my support. I’m fortunate to share childcare with a lovely friend, so once a week I have a day off to cram all my jobs in. Tomorrow I’ll have her little ones so she has a break and can do whatever she can in the time allowed.

However much I appreciate the quiet moments during my day off parenting, I’m happy to have shared the last few weeks with Isla and Molly. I’ve left them to their own devices in order for them to create their own games and fun, but we’ve also had a talented friend teach us watercolours. We’ve visited a festival, the beach, the big city of Plymouth, many playgrounds and Woodlands. The weather has been a battle, so the welly boots have been donned regularly…. but we’ve had a great if not tiring time.


We’re now gearing up for a rather large and exciting adventure – we’ve got two weeks left in the UK before leaving for South America and beyond. We’ll return when the clocks have rolled back, the days are shorter, darker and cool, and the smell of bonfires and fireworks fill the air. So instead of blogging I should really be packing, shifting and sorting through the quite terrifying amount of clothes, books, toys and kit we have to take with us. Hopefully my next blog will be before we go – but who knows if I’ll find the time to write anything vaguely worthwhile in the meantime. So, good luck mums and dads – only four weeks left to go!

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