About me and what I’m doing

Born and bred in South West London with a penchant for the West country, we are now settled in beautiful Devon. I’m rearing two little girls, two goats, two sheep, 7 surviving battery hens, three ducks and awaiting the arrival of hatchlings. Oh and a cat.

Whilst supporting a busy, full time, full on husband, who could be at home one day and Timbuktu the next, life can be exciting and exhausting in equal measure.

I’m nearing 40, my girls don’t need me quite as much as they once did. I’m working part time, i.e. on my iPhone whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent and trying to make sense of life after babies.

This is not a parenting blog.

This is me, chatting to myself, and trying to make sense of the next phase of my life whilst learning about where we live, enjoying our lovely home and trying not to take life quite so seriously.